Is there a difference?

Granola, crunchy muesli and crunchy are terms that everyone has encountered before. But do they all mean the same thing or is there a difference between granola and crunchy muesli? And what is Crunchy?

Everything describes baked muesli. The difference, however, is as follows: granola is much flakier than a granola. And when you think of crunchy muesli, you can think of baked nuggets made from cereal flakes and other ingredients. At Barnhouse, we call these clusters.

Crunchy (original translation = crispy) is simply the English term for crunchy muesli.

To better illustrate this, here is a picture that shows the difference between crunchy muesli (left) and granola:

What is granola anyway?

Granola and crunchy muesli are breakfast meals that are also eaten as a snack . The basis for both is cereal flakes such as oats or spelt, oil and sugar in the form of syrup or honey, for example. By the way, most of the Barnhouse Krunchys are baked with oatmeal. One exception, for example, is Krunchy spelt, which - as the name suggests - is made from spelt.

While some granola and crunchy muesli manufacturers use palm fat for the oil, all Barnhouse Krunchys are baked exclusively with sunflower oil .

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What are the ingredients of granola?

Granola and crunchy muesli are based on cereal flakes, oil and sugar in the form of honey or syrup . Depending on the variety, various nuts, seeds, fruits and chocolate can be added either before or after baking.

As you already know, our Krunchys are baked with either oat or spelt flakes from the local Barnhouse farmers and sunflower oil. Depending on the variety, we use beet sugar or so-called alternative sweeteners, such as honey (e.g. in Krunchy Honey ), rice syrup (e.g. in Krunchy Wild Berry ) or agave syrup (e.g. in Krunchy Oat-Raspberry ).

How healthy is granola?

“Granola is unhealthy”. This statement is not entirely correct. The breakfast meal provides a lot of dietary fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal is a true superfood . The complex carbohydrates not only keep you full longer, but also boost your digestion and prevent cravings.

The grain also contains the important vitamins B1, B6 and E as well as the minerals iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Granola without sugar

Granola without added sugar is possible. Since we are talking about a very flaky breakfast product here, you can do it without sugar.

It's different with crunchy muesli. Without the syrup, the mass of cereal flakes, oil and possible other ingredients will not hold together and will fall apart during baking . If you want to get the typical, beautiful and crispy clusters, you have to use syrup .

Crunchy muesli with low sugar

More and more people attach great importance to a healthy diet - preferably prepared quickly. But to prevent the crunchy muesli from falling apart when baking low, you have to use syrup, which usually contains a large amount of sugar... In order to keep the sugar content as low as possible, we're always looking for alternatives and so far we've had these, among other things found in tapioca and rice syrup.

And we actually have an organic crunchy muesli with low sugar. That’s because we use tapioca syrup, a high-fiber sugar alternative, for our Krunchy Low Sugar organic crunchy muesli. The result is a wonderful, crunchy organic granola that is as low in sugar as it is delicious - in the flavors Very Berry (berry), Crazy Nuts (nut) and Plain Grain (base). So you avoid sugar without having to sacrifice taste.

Vegan granola

More and more people also want to enjoy vegan granola or crunchy muesli for breakfast. With Barnhouse Krunchy this is also perfectly possible.

With the exception of two varieties (Krunchy Chocolate and Krunchy Honey ), all Krunchys are vegan .

Oats now also available as a snack!

The oats of our regional farmers are now also available as a spicy snack for you!

The crunchy organic oat snack!

Krunchy Snack it! makes the heart of all snack lovers beat faster - crispy baked and delicious. Whether after sports, during the train ride or in the evening on the couch: Krunchy Snack it! provides great pleasure anytime and anywhere.

Look forward to three different, very exciting flavors:

Say goodbye to unhealthy chips and discover Krunchy Snack it!

Sweet crunchy muesli for in between

Granola and crunchy muesli are considered breakfast meals, but sweet crunchy muesli for in between meals is also very popular - whether as a second breakfast or as a small snack to get you out of the afternoon slump.

Granola with caramel and popcorn

Great taste to make your heart pop! With Krunchy Salted Caramel Chunks you can get an organic crunchy granola with salted caramel chunks, fluffy popcorn and golden cornflakes. Look forward to unique enjoyment with this wonderfully caramelly and crunchy delicacy - whether with milk for breakfast or straight from the bag in the afternoon or evening.

The highlight: The caramel chunks melt into the Krunchy during baking and ensures, together with the popcorn, a great taste experience. The mini cornflakes round off the Krunchy perfectly.

Chocolate granola and chocolate flakes

There are different types of chocolate granola. To get crispy chocolate flakes, mix the chocolate into the oatmeal mass before baking. This way it is optimally distributed and you have a wonderfully chocolatey crunchy muesli.

Another variant is chocolate granola with chocolate chips . Here the chocolate is only added to the granola or crunchy muesli after baking.

At Krunchy Chocolate Chunks, we use bake-safe chocolate chips , so you'll get deliciously crunchy chocolate chunks with every bite.

With Krunchy Chocolate Nut, Chocolate Chunks and Joy Cocoa we even have three vegan chocolaty Krunchys.

Granola as children's muesli

Children also love granola and crunchy muesli for breakfast. For many parents, however, this is often too sweet. Our tip: simply use granola and crunchy muesli as a topping or mix with oatmeal and unsweetened cornflakes.

Quick breakfast for kids

A quick breakfast for children, for example, is very easy with our Knuspy Kids . The cocoa crunchy rice is not too sweet, gives every flake muesli a wonderful chocolate note and makes the muesli more attractive for the kids.

Unusual crunchy mueslis

A simple oat granola and crunchy muesli is too boring for you in the long run? In addition to the option of simply mixing your favorite ingredients yourself, you can also use unusual crunchy mueslis:

, exciting and something completely new ! That describes Krunchy lentil with apple very well - the first Krunchy without grain as an ingredient. But how does that work? Quite simply: It doesn't always have to be oats. With us, the lentil is now in the crunchy muesli.

You will be amazed how great lentils fit in the Krunchy. So delicious and crunchy , you won't miss the oats. And the crunchy apple chips with their fine, fruity acidity perfectly round off the lentil crunchy taste. Very different and yet a real Krunchy! Let the lentil surprise you.

Krunchy lentil with apple convinces with an attractive list of ingredients and provides you with valuable, plantbased proteins as well as magnesium and zinc . It is also rich in fiber , iron and manganese . And the reduced sugar content¹ (30% less sugar than other crunchy muesli) speaks for our vegan crunchy muesli.


Our functional Krunchy Plus range not only tastes good, but also provides you with special ingredients that support your health and well-being . So you can enjoy delicious crunchy pleasure, while your body can look forward to a "plus" thanks to various vitamins - for example for your intestinal health.

Discover three very special flavors:

Crisp yourself awake with Krunchy Plus Energy - in chocolate banana flavor.

Concentrated crispy power with Krunchy Plus Protein . Strawberry and vanilla enchant your senses.

Get in shape with Krunchy Plus Immune . Acerola and currant provide a berry taste experience.

Krunchy Plus: The Krunchy that can do more. For everyone who wants more.

Granola as children's muesli

Granola and crunchy muesli are available in every supermarket and online shop. If organic is important to you, you can stock up on Krunchy at your health food store. Or you can visit our online shop with attractive quantity discounts.

Make your own granola

Making your own granola is very easy . Basically, all you need is oat or spelt flakes, oil (we use sunflower oil, for example) and honey or syrup. This is the base. And now it's time to be creative. Mix as many ingredients into your crunchy as you like. Mix everything together, spread on a baking sheet and put in the oven. Bake the crunchy muesli until crispy, allow to cool and then break into small pieces.