The Barnhouse Delivery Community

A fruitful partnership at eye level: almost 90 organic farmers from the Demeter, Naturland, Bioland and Biokreis associations grow oats and spelt for Barnhouse in the region. This is about much more than just regionally produced grain and fair prices for farmers. A fantastic, constantly growing network has emerged with which we can promote and further develop many good things related to organic farming.

Our goal: No grain deserts, but lively fields in which there is also room for valuable flowering plants. Fields on which it hums and growls, creeps and flees. Cultivation methods that increase soil quality and soil life and promote biodiversity. Seeds from organic breeding and much more

To this end, we all work closely together with heart and passion. We challenge each other and can learn a lot from each other.

"As a farmer, it's great to know exactly who and what I'm growing my grain for," organic farmer Hans Reichl from the Schafdorner Hof in Schwindegg says enthusiastically about the project. "And when it's also an organic pioneer like Barnhouse with first-class products, that makes me very happy."

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