Barnhouse organic quality and sustainability

Producing organic food and doing business sustainably - that was the motivation for founding Barnhouse in 1979. And nothing has changed for us to this day. For us, sustainability means combining ecological, social and economic aspects.

The Barnhouse Sustainability Team

However, our responsibility for sustainability does not end at the gates of our company site, but extends across the entire value chain. That is why, for example, our Barnhouse Social Policy is the basis for purchasing all raw materials in accordance with recognized social standards.

What sustainability means to us.

For us, acting sustainably means, according to the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, "meeting the needs of the present without risking that future generations will not be able to meet their own needs. " An attitude that the term "future friendly" sums up.

What we are already doing. And what else we will do.

In our sustainability strategy, we not only record what we are already doing, but also set ourselves concrete and measurable goals for the future.

We Care: Barnhouse takes responsibility - sustainable, social and fair

Barnhouse has been We-Care certified since September 2021. The associated seal documents that we act along the supply chain and at our own location according to the comprehensive criteria of the We Care standard. The focus is on the sustainability of the company as a whole.

All information about We Care:

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From cultivation in the countries of origin or in the local regions up to the finished product, we comply with ecological, fair and social criteria, continuously improve them and thus act together with our supply chain partners for fair and environmentally friendly production and marketing of food.