About Us

The start of Krunchy:

Two people with a pioneering spirit, an oven and a bicycle – the Barnhouse story began with these “ingredients” in 1979. In the kitchen of a Munich apartment, the world's first organic crunchy muesli was baked, which was usually brought by bike to the few organic shops in Munich: Krunchy. Sheet by sheet with a daily output of 4 kg. Today you might call it a cool startup. The goal was very clear and still applies today: We always want to provide you with the best crunchy muesli!

The development of Barnhouse

In the first ten years we grew slowly – almost organically. In 1981, after the apartment, the path led to a cellar bakery in Munich's slaughterhouse district .

From 1983, Barnhouse then baked on the first floor above a joinery in Ismaning near Munich. The range grew immensely here: in addition to Krunchy, we also produced muesli, soups, sauces, puddings, baby food, chocolate bars and much more. All of these products had not previously been available in organic quality . So Barnhouse was a real organic pioneer!

When the space became too small for us and the range too large, we made two important decisions:

  1. We have again concentrated on the core competence - namely Krunchy!
  2. A modern production facility corresponding to the growth was planned.

In 1998, a huge step was taken with the first own building - self-planned and completely adapted to the needs of the modern Krunchy bakery. Since then we have been at home in Mühldorf am Inn in Upper Bavaria, about 80 km east of Munich.

This is how we bake our Krunchy

Today we can bake up to 40 tons of Krunchy and other breakfast cereals here every day - exclusively organic, with uncompromising quality and with undiminished passion.

Everything you taste from Barnhouse products is pure and genuine . Quality is our top priority . Thanks to our focus on Krunchy, we've achieved real mastery here (...let's be very immodest...). This is appreciated by our customers, who have made us the undisputed market leader in crunchy muesli in German organic shops .

But we are not resting on our laurels, quite the opposite: We want to keep making our Krunchy even better for you - and have been for more than 40 years.

We act sustainably

But not only our Krunchy should always be better! We are pleased that we are also initiating things “ behind the products ” that – and we are sincerely convinced of this – make our world a better place.

We bake our Krunchys with 100% oat and spelled flakes that grow on the fields of our Barnhouse farmers in the region . The grain is also flaked “right on our doorstep”, in the PrimaVera mill in Mühldorf . This not only means more regionality , close partnership and fair prices for the farmers - because together with our farmers we develop organic farming, promote organic seeds and are active in matters of biodiversity. This is how we strengthen family organic farms and our environment at the same time.

In addition, the cocoa in our Krunchys is Fairtrade certified. We support producers in the Global South and are committed to buying this raw material fairly and sustainably.

As of 2021, Barnhouse is also We-Care certified . We act sustainably along the supply chain and work on continuous improvement . This means: From cultivation in the countries of origin to the local supermarket, We-Care-certified companies work with their partners to ensure that food is produced in a fair and environmentally friendly manner. This creates commitment and a new ecological and social quality in the supply chain - for the benefit of people and nature .

In addition, Barnhouse is CO2 neutral . Our annual carbon footprint helps us in particular to implement targeted climate protection measures in the company. We are currently still compensating for our CO2 footprint with projects abroad. But we hope to soon be able to offset unavoidable emissions through regional projects.

Honourings and prices

Taste and quality come first at Barnhouse. That is why it is always the greatest motivation for us to have this confirmed, for example by the Best Organic Award .