We-Care-Zertifikat für nachhaltiges Handeln

We are We Care certified

We Care: Barnhouse takes responsibility - sustainable, social and fair

Barnhouse is now We-Care certified. It is very important to us that our Krunchys not only taste delicious, but are also produced under the best possible conditions. That is why we are happy to take on holistic responsibility. In addition to the well-being of our employees, the entire supply chain and the environment are important to us. The new We Care standard checks exactly that.

In September 2021 we were therefore audited for the We Care requirements. Barnhouse is one of the first companies to receive this certificate for sustainable corporate and supply chain management. We are very pleased that our sustainable way of working was successfully checked using the We Care test criteria.

What is meant by the We Care seal?

The We-Care seal distinguishes companies in the food industry that focus on sustainability holistically along the entire supply chain .

In addition to meeting the strict We Care criteria at your own location, you also have to prove that social criteria and the minimization of environmental pollution are taken into account when purchasing raw materials.

It is not individual (flagship) products that are tested, but the entire management approach of a company. In this way, We Care-certified companies create clarity and transparency - for the benefit of people and nature .
A total of 4 major fields of action are checked. In addition to corporate management , environmental management and employee responsibility, this seal also examines the area of ​​supply chain management . The We-Care certificate thus closes a gap by integrating existing, sophisticated individual seals and supplementing them in a meaningful way. As a result, the We Care standard of the organic sector goes beyond legally binding measures and elevates the seal to a new, comprehensive ecological and social standard for the food sector.

The ecological and at the same time social criteria are examined both in the certified company and in its entire supply chain. For the We Care seal, they themselves and their suppliers must comply with the recognized social standards.

We Care is a process . In addition, the companies have to recognize current weak points and immediately deal with the problem solving. However, the criterion of continuous improvement does not only apply to the problem areas, but to all areas.

We Care is supported by the independent Research Institute for Organic Farming (FiBL) Germany

As Head of Quality and Product Development, Christian Hoferer sees the following advantages in the new seal:
"The We Care certification helps us to take a more holistic view of the topic of sustainability and to expand it to other areas of the company. This has a positive effect on the company. The confirmation in the audit helps us with continuous improvement."

Barnhouse has a high level We Care seal

With a total of 164 evaluation criteria, we achieved an overall result of 96.71% and thus reached the “ superior level ”. A result that we are not only very happy about, but of which we are (admittedly) a little proud.

This is an incentive for us to continue to work on the topics and to constantly improve. Since our Barnhouse Krunchys are organic and of course completely GMO-free, we will be able to print the seal on our product packaging in the future.
With the We Care standard and its criteria, we are also well prepared for the future requirements of the German supply chain law.

" We are very happy about the successful certification - especially because we have even reached the so-called "superior level". “, explains our managing director Martin Eras. “ The initial certification made it clear to us what we have already achieved. At the same time, We Care motivates us to continue on this path and to continuously improve. "

We pursue sustainability in full - from cultivation to the finished Krunchy.

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