Krunchy 1,25kg XL-Packungen

Krunchy also available in 1.25 kg bulk packs


Do you love our organic crunchy muesli so much that you eat it for breakfast every day? Or does your whole family join in and the bags are always empty far too quickly?

Then we've got just the thing for you! The six favorite Krunchys of Barnhouse fans are also available in XL packs. Look forward to the following varieties in 1.25 kg:

  • The fruity Strawberry and Apple-Cinnamon varieties
  • The chocolatey Krunchys Chocolate and Chocolate Chunks
  • The basic Spelt and Oat alternatively sweetened varieties




For those who want more. Enjoy crunchy pleasure in XL format. Available in the Barnhouse online shop and your organic store.