Liebe Wildbienen-Fans,

wir möchten uns herzlich für eure zahlreichen, sehr beeindruckenden Bewerbungen im Rahmen unserer Aktion BARNHOUSE BEE WILD bedanken!

Ihr habt uns die Entscheidung echt schwer gemacht, aber wir haben uns mittlerweile für 50 Wildbienen-Hoteliers entschieden und sind gerade dabei die Nistkästen zu verschicken.

Become a wild bee hotelier!

Fill out our entry form and get the chance to win a Barnhouse nesting box.

We are running our "BARNHOUSE BEE WILD" campaign for the eighth year in a row - and are looking forward to receiving numerous applications from committed conservationists again this year.

But why are we doing this campaign at all?

We Barnies love it, when wild bees buzz through gardens and fields. Unfortunately, the enormous importance of this highly endangered insect is increasingly being overlooked.
We want to draw attention to this with our BARNHOUSE BEE WILD campaign.

Because although wild bees only live for 4 to 6 weeks, they are very important due to their tireless pollination of fruit trees, berries and other crops. This means that they not only make an indispensable contribution to biodiversity, but also to our nutrition - and as an organic pioneer and manufacturer of Krunchy, this is very important to us.

Together with you, we want to ensure that the little miracle wild bee has suitable nesting places and can diligently provide for offspring.

That is why we are once again awarding
50 high-quality wild bee hotels
worth over €100 each
to interested in nature individuals
and groups, such as kindergartens and garden clubs.

You would like to become a wild bee hotelier?
Then fill out our participation form and let us know why we should select you as a wild bee hotelier.

Take part and receive a Barnhouse wild bee hotel worth over €100!
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Did you know, that you are doing something for biodiversity with every single Krunchy?

We bake our Krunchys with 100% flakes made from oats and spelt from our regional Barnhouse farmers. As our farmers grow their organic cereals in mixed cultivation, beneficial insects find important food even in times when there are fewer flowers. This means that the grain grows in living fields that are buzzing and humming.

So every time you buy a Krunchy, you are not only bringing delicious crunchy enjoyment into your home, but also doing something good for biodiversity and our environment.

The origin of our high-quality nesting boxes.

Since the start of our BARNHOUSE BEE WILD campaign, we have been working with our two partners Christine and Christian from the Müller beekeeping company (Alztalhonig). The two are not only long-time hobby beekeepers, but also wild bee specialists. They have designed the 50 high-quality BEE WILD wild bee hotels worth over €100 - with optimum conditions for the colonization of the red and horned mason bee. But many other species of wild bee also like to stay in these hotels.

The alarming development of the wild bee population....

According to NABU, both the number and the diversity of insect species have declined by between 60 and 80 percent in recent years. Among those affected are wild bees, which are enormously important for pollination and are finding less and less space to nest in our gardens.

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