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100% organic

All the agricultural ingredients in our crunchies and flakes are 100% organic. This is a principle that we started out with in 1979 and which remains the basis of our daily work.

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Quality & enjoyment

We always want to offer you the best organic crunchy muesli. That's why we bake our Krunchys with love and passion using carefully selected, natural ingredients. Our promise: Top quality, delicious taste and the very special "Barnhouse Krunch". Everything you taste with us is genuine and authentic.

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Made in Bavaria

We bake our Krunchys for you at our company headquarter in beautiful Mühldorf in Bavaria.

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Crispy variety

Crisp yourself up - whether for the start of the day or with a Krunchy for in between! The many varieties leave nothing to be desired: Basic Krunchy for the purists or do-it-yourself mixers, but also chocolatey, fruity, nutty and berry creations to enrich your breakfast table. We also have alternatively sweetened, reduced-sugar and low-sugar crunchy mueslis on offer for you.

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Our Barnhouse farmers

In our Krunchys, you can only enjoy regionally produced oat and spelt flakes. The grain comes from the fields of our Barnhouse farmers in the region. Together with our farmers, we continue to develop organic farming in the region and promote biodiversity and soil quality in the Barnhouse fields. This means that every Krunchy not only contains the best taste, but also regional and ecological commitment.

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Oats - an underestimated superfood

The main ingredient in most of our popular Krunchys is oats. A true superfood that has so much to offer but is underestimated by most people.

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Granola and crunchy muesli - the best of both worlds

Granola, crunchy muesli and crunchy are terms that everyone has heard before. But what is the difference between them?

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