Toni Wollschläger – Langenpreising

Toni Wollschläger's farm is located in the Isar valley between Freising and Landshut
in the small community of Langenpreising, which by the way is next to Regensburg and Augsburg is one of the oldest towns in Bavaria. The Naturland farm with 90 hectares of arable land and 20 hectares of grassland have been farmed according to the guidelines of organic farming since 1989.

In addition to Barnhouse oats, TAGWERK member Toni also grows spelt, wheat, rye, broad beans and potatoes. With 60 beef cattle and 50 chickens, livestock farming is another mainstay of the organic farmer. Eggs, beef and potatoes are available from the farm sale here.

With daughter Lena, the next generation in organic farming is already in the starting shoes. The young woman completes her training in the frame of the "Agriculture Dual" course at the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences.