Josef Wimmer – Maitenbeth

“I like being an organic farmer because this form of farming harmonises so well with nature. It fascinates me how much can be done without synthetic additives," explains partner farmer Josef Wimmer.

In addition to oats, the Bioland farmer also grows clover grass, wheat, field beans and triticale on his farm. He also has 9,600 broilers and 32 beef cattle. The conversion to organic took place between July 2011 and July 2013. In addition, the farm was converted from a conventional dairy farm to an organic broiler farm.

So Josef Wimmer has already put a lot of work into his farm, which has been owned by his family from the very beginning. No one is surprised that it takes a lot of time to do this. That is why the farmer runs his farm full-time. He gets help from his family.

Josef Wimmer grows oats for Barnhouse and is happy about the cooperation, as regional marketing is particularly important to him. And the crunchy muesli tastes twice as good if you know where the ingredients come from, right?