Johann und Elisabeth Tiefenbeck – Wurmsham

The Häusererhof in Weichselgarten, near the Rott spring, has been owned by the Tiefenbeck family for several hundred years. The four-sided farm with additional stable and hall is a traditional family business and is run as a main occupation. The company has been a member of Bioland since 2008.

Hans Tiefenbeck and his wife Elisabeth live on the farm together with their four children and grandparents and cultivate around 30 hectares of agricultural land together. A third of this is used as permanent green space. The rest is divided between clover grass, winter barley, oats, triticale and silo and grain maize.

From dairy cows to organic dairy goats

"Dairy cows were kept in the last generations, and since 2008 they have switched to organic dairy goats," Hans tells us. The family owns 145 white German goats and 50 young goats for breeding plus 30 female fawns and four bucks. In addition, the farmer also has 15-20 chickens for his own needs.

"Our goats and breeding animals supply organic milk for the Andechs dairy and a direct marketer in the Landshut district," explains Hans.

"About 15 years ago we were looking for an alternative to dairy cows, because we didn't see any future prospects for this with 25 cows. Now we milk anyway, but the animals are a 'number' smaller. Dealing with the goats is fun for us and we don't regret the change at all."

In addition to working with the animals, the organic farmer also takes care of his fields: “We produce the fodder for our goats on our fields. We sell the oats that fit well into the crop rotation and are not needed on the farm to you. It is an honor for us to be part of the community here and makes us proud to have found a super suitable marketing here.”

Organic is fun

"Since we've been doing it, we've really realized that it works like this. Actually, it goes without saying that we should do business that way” , Hans explains the reason for having switched to organic. He doesn't want to criticize the 'different' economists, but rather tries to demonstrate an organic way of life.