Christoph Stimmer – Obertaufkirchen

"I'm trying to save the world and every square meter I farm brings me one step closer"

Barnhouse partner farmer Christoph Stimmer lives according to this motto and wants to actively protect water/groundwater, soil and air through ecological management of his farm.

"What drives me as an organic farmer? I think I just want to prove that arable farming works without chemicals and liquid manure," explains the Bioland farmer.

Christoph has been with the Bioland Association since 2000 and grows potatoes as well as grain on his 85-hectare farm.

Until July 2020, the farmer also had a dairy farm in addition to arable farming. There is also a grain store and a grain cleaning facility on the Forsthuber farm, where grain from various Barnhouse partner farmers is also stored.

By the way, Christoph runs the farm as his main occupation and gets support from his brother. Her grandfather bought the farm back in 1918. It has been owned by the Stimmer family ever since.