Gerhard Schweiger – Ampfing

Gerhard Schweiger is one of the first partner farmers of Barnhouse and built this project together with us. Together with his wife Christine and their son Simon, he runs the Neulinger Hof in Ampfing. As early as 1997, the family converted their business to organic
and is a member of the cultivation associations Demeter and Naturland .

However, the farm has been in the family since 1870 and has been extended extends over 40 hectares of land, half of which is used for arable farming. In addition to Barnhouse oats, Gerhard also grows spelt, rye, wheat and buckwheat on. He also owns about 45 oxen in summer pasture and outlet in the winter months, which he markets directly - even with a delivery service to the front door!

“There is no alternative to organic farming for me”

Just like many other organic farmers, Gerhard lives for this job: "Working at home only with natural resources and the knowledge that I can make the best possible contribution to the sustainability of this world drives me".