Manfred Schmelz – Kastl

"Live and let live"

Biokreis farmer Manfred Schmelz and his wife Rosi run the Radfelln farm, which has been converted to organic since 2012. The company has been family-owned for years and is run by Manfred, who is a full-time technician, as a part-time job.

It took some time and a lot of persuasion before the two could take the step towards organic farming. But the Biokreis farmer is an organic farmer by conviction and much prefers to work with nature than against it. On his 20-hour farm, he mainly grows grain and legumes and, in addition to a long-term build-up of humus through catch crops, he also pays attention to the gentlest possible tillage. His goal is to leave his farm and the land behind in such a way that his successors will also enjoy and benefit from it for a long time to come.