Andreas Remmelberger – Reit b. Burgkirchen

"If you want something to change, you have to do something about it yourself and not always demand of others"

Andreas Remmelberger's farm has been in the family since 1507 and has since been passed on to a son or daughter without interruption. Andreas took over the farm in 2018 and has been managing it full-time with his parents ever since.

In addition to the farm, the trained master ecologist also devotes himself to honorary posts. "I've done a lot of honorary positions. For example, I have been active in the fire brigade for 23 years and have been responsible for training firefighters as a youth worker for 15 years. I also worked on the parish council for eight years and on the supervisory board of our inn cooperative in Asten for six years. I somehow need that to compensate for the work on the farm,” the Biokreis farmer tells us.

But there is also a lot to do on the farm. In Andreas' fields you can find not only oats and spelt, but also brewing barley for the Stein brewery and rye for the Bruckmühle. He also grows clover grass for 30 dairy cows.

The conversion to organic took place before Andreas took over the farm in 1983. But he is also fully behind organic farming.

"I like being an organic farmer because for me it's the only way to practice sustainable agriculture," he tells us.