Familie Lex – Bockhorn

The 150 hectare Pointnerhof has been owned by the Lex family for many centuries and has been run by them full-time for several generations. They are supported by a few employees, but they also employ trainees and interns.

This is what is grown on the organic farm Lex:

"A lot... seed propagation, wildflowers, ancient cereals, gluten-free cereals and everything that is interesting and difficult," explains Bernadette, who runs the farm together with her parents and sister Raphaela.

However, there are also special crops such as millet, hemp and buckwheat one on the farm, which was already converted to organic in 1980. When cultivating, the Naturland farmers always pay attention to a good soil structure, biodiversity and mixed cultures.

In addition to growing various types of grain, Bernadette and her family also keep 400 laying hens. In addition, the farm has its own mill and a small farm shop where they sell their products. You can also find information about this on the farm's website: www.biohof-lex.de

Why the switch to organic?

"Yeah, it never gets boring... Although it's a lot of work is, it is also freedom and independence.... You can develop a company in so many different directions..." explains Bernadette.

And she also thinks the partnership with Barnhouse is great: “Great project; great products that we also like to sell in the farm shop; It's nice to have a reliable partner for every farmer". And we can only give that back to all farmers, because without your oats and spelt we would certainly not be able to produce such a great and good product produce. 🙂

The organic farm Lex is one of the real pioneers and has been a member of NATURLAND since the association was founded.

The farm has been family-owned since the beginning of the 17th century, and as early as 1979 (also the year the Barnhouse was founded, by the way), Lorenz Lex switched to organic farming. The impressive yard with
over 100 ha produces all types of grain for direct marketing, with a focus on spelt. But soybeans, spices, potatoes, sunflowers, buckwheat, corn and brown millet are also grown.

Raphaela is Bavarian Organic Queen!

Did you know that the Lex family also has a real queen? We are very happy that Raphaela Lex was "crowned" as the Bavarian Organic Queen. She will be an ambassador for organic farming and food production until the end of 2024 - an important task! For us, Raphaela is the perfect person for this, because "organic" is her life. We congratulate them from the bottom of our hearts and are a little proud to be able to count them among our farmers.