Elke Kriegmair – Berglern

"We don't own this earth - we borrowed it from our children"

The best way to introduce yourself and your farm is to do it yourself – our Barnhouse farmer Elke thought so too and sent us this nice text for you:

"Servus, I'm the Selmer farmer from Berglern! This farm has been run by my family for many generations. In 1995 I was given responsibility for this piece of land and since 1998 I have switched to organic farming. Cultivation without artificial fertilizers and 'pesticides' was still very controversial at the time and was viewed by most colleagues as a step backwards. For me, however, it was the only way to cultivate these fields with a good feeling and with joy. Everyone should get something good from it, people should have healthy food, I should have a job that is worthwhile and our earth should be good at the same time.”

The Selmer Hof has been family-owned for over 200 years and is run by Elke on a full-time basis. She gets help from her neighbors and occasionally her daughters also lend a hand.

In addition to spelt and oats, the Naturland farmer also grows wheat, clover grass, peas, corn and various catch crops. With the conversion to organic, Elke wanted to find a good way for the fields and plants to be healthy and grow.

Elke is very happy about the partnership with Barnhouse, especially when she discovers our Krunchy in the shops and knows exactly whose oats are in it.