Familie Hanglberger – Essenbach-Oberwattenbach

"There is not a day in your life that you cannot take a different path"

The Oed-Sepp'n farm of the Hanglberger family is verifiably located owned by the family since 1824. In 1999 partner farmer Sepp took over runs the farm together with his wife Renate from his parents this full time.

“All generations before us, have managed the farm with dairy farming as a sideline. From viticulture to "day work" to employment as a bricklayer, several professions were represented. After my agricultural apprenticeship at the Berufsoberschule, I acquired the subject-related university entrance qualification. After marriage and birth of our first son in 1992, I studied agriculture at the FH Weihenstephan with a focus on animal production. 1994 and 1996 Andreas and Josef enlarged our young family.
Subsequently, I worked full-time for over 25 years in a barn equipment company as a sales representative for agriculture construction,
Sepp told us about himself.

There's a lot going on at the organic farm Hanglberger

His children actively support him at work and his parents are also there to help and advise him. Work is provided by about 50 fattening steers and 50 heifers.

“We buy weaners and male eaters for our oxen
from organic farms in the area.
Since 2005 we have been running a professional rearing of calves for partner companies,” explains the Naturland farmer.

In addition to growing fodder for his cattle, he also grows rye, maize, Bread wheat, table oats and table potatoes. hemp and field beans can also be found in the crop rotation of theHanglberger family. Also have she a large meadow orchard, on which, among other things, apple and cherry trees stand.

Switch to organic

The conversion of the farm to organic followed in 2016, as the family is particulary concered about healthy food and this can grow best in healthy soil. A great passion of Sepp is also the humus build-up and the species-appropriate animal husbandry. He is also involved in the interest groups IG Gesunde Tiere, IG Gesunder Boden and IG Gesunde Gülle.

You can find out more about the history of the farm and much more information here: www.biohof-hanglberger.de