Reinhard Bauer – Neumarkt – St. Veit

Reinhard Bauer has been managing his farm according to ecological criteria since 1998 and has been a member of the Bioland Association ever since.

“With this form of management, I want to make my contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of biodiversity. In order to be able to take good care of my floor, I also completed training as a floor practitioner.”

He has also been supporting the lapwing protection project in the district of Mühldorf am Inn for some time and is happy every year when the birds breed in his fields again.

A few animals have also found a home on his farm in recent years. In addition to twelve Sulmtal chickens, two Mangalitza pigs have also moved in with him. The main reason for this was his son, who cares deeply about the preservation of these animal breeds.

Pongrazhof has been family-owned for 5 generations

He will also take over the Pongrazhof from his father Reinhard in a few years. The 18-hectare farm has been in the family for five generations. The company has belonged to Reinhard for around 25 years.

Until Reinhard passes his farm on to his son, he will continue to manage it according to his motto in such a way that it will be preserved for future generations.