Martin Angermaier – Erding

Let´s look and we'll see..."

Martin Angermaier is the third generation to run the Stoischuaster Hof. The 50 hectare farm is run on a full-time basis and as a pure family business.

The switch to organic followed in 2015. The farm was previously run as a conventional pig farmer.

The Bioland farmer grows soya and potatoes, among other things, and pays attention to plough-less farming. Not only does the humus build-up through the cultivation of clover-grass and cover crops play a role, but also the use of worm castings to strengthen the plant and keep it healthy.

Through organic farming, Martin also ensures the preservation of biodiversity. Sustainable agriculture as well as natural cycles and healthy food motivate him again and again and strengthen him in his job as an organic farmer.

"The preservation of the farm for future generations and the improvement of the biodiversity of the native small animal species drive me as a farmer," he explains to us.

And the organic farmer is also happy about the partnership with Barnhouse: "Regional marketing, fixed contracts, partnership, short supply chains - all this speaks for an exciting partnership on an equal footing".