Alexander and Leonhard Martl – Kastl

"Work that gives pleasure is not a burden and keeps us fit at the same time"

Alexander Martl will soon be taking over the Gröbner Bioland farm
parents take over. The manager of a company which
Planning and services in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation
carries out, will then lead this as a sideline. Until it is ready,
Father Leonhard still runs the farm.

The Martl family has owned the business since 1944.
Dairy farming used to be practiced in the past
the family business now switched to arable farming. In addition to malting barley for the
Brewery Steiner also grows oats, spelled and wheat. But also
a barley/pea mixture for the neighboring organic farm as well
Potatoes and vegetables for direct marketing can be found on the farm
the martls.

Around the property is a scattered garden, in which also
the numerous chickens of the family can roam around. The eggs, as well
the fruit and new potatoes can be bought at a stall right next to the
buy yard.

The switch to organic took place in 2014. Since then, the Martl family has been a member of the Bioland association.

“We have always attached great importance to healthy and natural food and are passionate about organic farming. On the one hand simply because of the high quality and the unique taste of our self-produced food, on the other hand we really enjoy working in/with nature and the sustainable cultivation of our fields," explains Leonhard.

Son Alexander adds: "We want to leave a healthy foundation for future generations, which is why all the manual work is also a pleasure."

Working with Barnhouse since 2019

“We have only been a supplier since 2019 and therefore have little
Experience with Barnhouse. We value the reliability at Barnhouse
and the regional proximity. It is particularly pleasing that our grain
processed into such high-quality food at Barnhouse.”