Krunchy Plus: Das Krunchy, das mehr kann.

NEW: Krunchy Plus. The Krunchy that can do more.

With KRUNCHY PLUS we have achieved a real innovation on the muesli shelf. Wonderfully crispy Krunchy pleasure in Barnhouse quality for everyone who wants to treat themselves to a "PLUS". Available in Protein, Energy¹ and Immune flavors.

With our Krunchy Plus series, we have three very special crunchy muesli new in our range, the

  • are wonderfully delicious and crispy ...

  • make you want to try it with tempting flavors ...

  • Shine with special ingredients and ingredients that support your health and well-being !

Krunchy Plus Protein

Concentrated crispy power with Krunchy Plus Protein! While strawberry and vanilla enchant your senses, your body will be happy about an extra portion of protein. The highlight: we don't get the usual soy in the bag, so we packed the legume power of the lentils into the Krunchy. This is how good a protein-rich crunchy muesli can taste.

Red lentils in Krunchy? You'll be amazed at how well the legume complements the grainy oat flavor. Speaking of taste: look forward to the delicious aroma of our freeze-dried strawberries and tempting vanilla. Rice protein, flaxseed, chia and puffed amaranth provide you with additional vegetable protein.

Krunchy Plus Energy¹

Kick yourself awake with Krunchy Plus Energy¹ ! The combination of chocolate and banana is irresistible in itself, isn't it? But the natural caffeine in guarana also gives you the right kick - whether at the start of the morning or with a snack in between.

With dark chocolate, Fairtrade-certified cocoa , banana flakes and aromatic diced bananas, our bakers make this Krunchy particularly delicious. Maca and puffed amaranth add extra sophistication.

Krunchy Plus Immune

Get in shape with Krunchy Plus Immune . With its berry fruitiness, this crunchy muesli makes your palate and your immune system happy at the same time. Thanks to the carefully selected, purely natural ingredients, you're doing something good for your immune system with every spoonful. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and phosphorus .

Acerola cherry and black currant not only provide you with lots of vitamin C, but also the berry taste, which our bakers round off with a little red currant, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. Beetroot, wheat bran, and puffed quinoa add even more value to this Krunchy. A hint of lemon oil supports the fruity aroma.

The Krunchy that can do more. For everyone who wants more.

Would you like to try all three new products at once? Then grab ourintroductory package plus for only €11.99 - even with free shipping .

¹ Energy refers to the calorie content contained in Krunchy.