Georg Ostermaier – Garching

"I want to make the world more sustainable through the use of modern technology".

Georg Ostermaier is an electrical engineer and holds a doctorate in business administration,
took over the Schönstadt farm from his parents in 2005 and now runs it as a sideline. With his own IT company decision trees in Munich, he develops software and mathematical models for the energy industry, especially for hydropower producers.

But how did someone like Georg get into farming in the first place?

“I grew up farming. I am in love
Field work and I love watching everything grow. My father farmed conventionally, but always used very little artificial fertilizer or spray. So I grew up with the fact that chemistry in the fields is not really good. Then I'm one
basically very ambitious person and I really wanted to have good yields in the fields without chemicals. In the beginning I was only partially successful, but now, after many years of training, I'm much better. I am very proud and happy about my organic fields", explains the Biokreis farmer.

When Georg den Hof, which had existed since the end of the 19th century family property and was only used as a dairy farm in 2005, he immediately converted it to organic farming. In addition to oats and spelt, he also grows wheat, rye, triticale, field beans and soybeans there. In 2020 he also tried for the first time
sunflowers and a mixture of mustard and peas. By the way, the mustard goes to “our neighbors” Byodo .

Georg is supported by Marianne, who works full-time on the farm and also takes care of the fields. When work peaks, most of them get one or two helpers

The latest technology is used here

Georg Ostermaier relies a lot on the plow for his farming, but also on technology. He is one of the first in the region to use a camera system for his hacking device and you will also find plenty of photovoltaic systems with him. So he would like to use the most modern technology to make the world more sustainable.

“My main job is energy optimization. My company, my employees and I make a contribution to the success of the energy transition. Our livelihoods as a whole can only be preserved if we focus much more on sustainability in areas as important as agriculture and energy. This is my main motivation for everything I do professionally, not only in agriculture. However, the goal can only be achieved with the use of the most modern technology. That ranges from the use of highly efficient optimization algorithms including artificial intelligence for the operation of pumped storage systems through to the use of camera controls for soy cultivators. I want to modernize the world through use making technology more sustainable,” he explains.

Even more people should understand organic farming

Another goal of Georg is that even more people Understand organic farming. "I remember my early years, when my neighbors smiled at me and no one thought I would be able to do organic farming for a long time."

In order to achieve his goal even better, he has also become a Barnhouse partner: "I really like the marketing and the external presentation of Barnhouse, which also includes organic farmers. I'm also happy about the field signs. It's great that people driving by now know who we grow the oats for. This will help even more people understand and support organic farming.”