Christian Meidinger – Mintraching

The 47 hectare organic farm Meidinger is already managed in the 4th generation. “Because our farm was (is) very small, I initially ran the business as a sideline. My main job was as an employee at a company at Munich Airport,” Christian tells us.

“With the conversion to organic farming in 2009, we had a better opportunity to market our products ourselves. Initially with a self-service box and two catering establishments that were supplied, marketing has developed rapidly over the last 4 years. Today, our customers include around 20 supermarket branches, several restaurants and various other shops, such as village or farm shops. In addition, a farm shop was set up with an almost complete range of groceries.”

He gave up his job at the airport in March 2018 and the company now provides enough work for the whole family, as well as one full-time employee and three part-time employees.

This is grown on the Meidinger organic farm

“There are many different fruits in our crop rotation. The clover grass is the basis of crop rotation. After its uprooting, a winter crop such as spelt or wheat is grown. After harvesting this winter grain, a cover crop with 12 different plants is sown, which prepares the soil for our most important crop – the potato,” explains the Bioland farmer.

“After the potato, a summer crop such as oats, spring wheat or a fodder crop is grown. Then the clover grass follows again. There is always something new to try. Soy has proven itself in cultivation, and fruits such as lentils, camelina or quinoa complete the variety in crop production.” The family is also committed to the colonization of endangered wild herbs.

In addition to arable farming, the farm has also had 660 laying hens since 2015

“The chickens live in three small groups of 220 animals each in mobile chicken coops. Five roosters per pen ensure more peace and order in the group, warn of danger and are simply part of the natural way of life of chickens. The other brothers of the hens are raised by our supplier according to organic guidelines and when they have reached the slaughter weight they are into products made from rooster meat on this farm, therefore can do without killing chicks".

Passionate farmer

Christian Meidinger is a passionate farmer - but only since he switched to organic.

"Since then I can walk through grain fields again, run my hands along the ears of corn without feeling any poison sticking to it."

In addition, he can again offer people healthy food that is grown to the best of their knowledge and belief, without shying away from asking questions about the production method. In doing so, he makes his contribution to keeping our livelihoods air, soil and water healthy for future generations.

In order to pass on his knowledge, there are always farm bike tours and VHS potato harvests for children and adults on his farm, where Christian presents his farming methods and answers questions from visitors.

Partnership with Barnhouse

“I like being a Barnhouse Partner farmer because the idea of ​​production and processing in the region is very important to Barnhouse. In addition, dealing with the farmers is fair and transparent.”