Ludwig Braml – Nußdorf

The Emmer Hof in beautiful Chiemgau has been owned by the Braml family since 1180 and is currently run by Maria and Ludwig as a sideline. The two receive support from their family, who together take care of the 25-hectare field and meadow. In addition, the family owns a 25-hectare forest.

In 2010, the conversion from a dairy farm and fattening of bulls to a Bioland-certified arable farm followed. Maria and Ludwig have been part of the Naturland cultivation association since 2019 and are currently cultivating spelled, oats and clover grass.

But why the switch to organic?

“We like being organic farmers because it reflects our attitude towards life to treat ourselves and nature responsibly. We don't just want to grow organic grain for us and our family, but also for people who also care about regional products free of pesticides," explains Ludwig, who also works as a caretaker.

“The desire for healthy food and the preservation of our biodiversity drives us. How nice it is to walk next to our fields, to listen to the humming of the animals and to marvel at the colorful blossoms of poppies, cornflowers and the like," adds Maria.

For this, the two also rely on special cultivation and working methods.

“We ensile our green areas and apply this to our fields together with charcoal, rock flour and EM as natural fertilization. In addition, we attach great importance to natural crop rotation with, for example, the cultivation of clover-grass for the nitrogen in the soil.”

Barnhouse partnership for 10 years

Incidentally, the two have been suppliers to Barnhouse since the beginning of the supply community.

“We really like knowing where and how our grain is processed. We find the switch to 100% regionality and no use of artificial flavors and additives particularly positive. Only then is a product really 'real' for us”.