Susanne Fischer


„As a typical three-generation family, we live on our farm in Haidlfing on the edge of the Straubinger Gäubodens in Niederbayern“, Susanne Fischer tells us.

The farmer has been managing her farm since 2017 in accordance with the guidelines of the Bioland association and also runs a small beekeping business, which she is very enthusiastic about.

Susanne and her family attach great importance to the issue of sustainability, which “is not just a slogan, but should actually be implemented”, explains the passionate farmer.

She herself tries to live as sustainably as possible. For example, the building material wood is used a lot at her yard. They produce electricity through photovoltaic systems and heat only with wood chips.

The importance of regional partnerships

„Our aim is to link cultivation from an ecological point of view with regional marketing. The product is said to have a “face” with the consumer and to be valued as high-quality.”

With Barnhouse, Susanne has found a partner who shares these points with her and so we are very happy to work with our partner farmers and appreciate her enthusiasm again and again.