Stephan Walter


Partner farmer Stephan Walter won’t get out of concept so quickly. The Bioland farmer regularly practices Zen (a form of meditation) and has been practicing Aikido for many years. The serenity he attains through these two hobbies can also be seen directly by Stephan when he is visited on his farm in Oberschneiding.

41,6 ha of agricultural land and 7 ha of forest have belonged to his family since 1989. Seven years after the purchase, Stephan took over the farm in its entirety and cultivated not only spelt and oats, but also wheat, soy, sugar beet, sunflowers, corn and clovergrass.

In its orchard you will find not only abundant fruit trees and shrubs, but also five sheep. The lovely animals find enough space there and also serve the farmer as a natural lawnmower.

„Since the changeover to organic farming in 1990, the work here is really fun again. You appreciate your products and always strive to develope them further“, explains Stephan.

„A regional marketing, as it takes place through Barnhouse is very good“, the farmer praises the cooperation with us.