Sebastian Rahm


„Choose the job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.“ 


The 33-hectare farm in Kirchdorf is a true family business and was first mentioned in 1414. The farm has been runned organic since 1989. It is really important to Sebastian Rahm, who manages the farm as a part-time business. For the Naturland farmer, who works as a full-time metal builder, organic is an attitude to life.

„Seeing how the crops grow and what becomes of it, such as Krunchy Muesli, drives me as an organic farmer. To continue this is close to my heart“, Sebastian explains and also has only good things to say about the partnership with Barnhouse:

„I am very happy to be a Barnhouse partner farmer, because the cooperation works very well and is very informal“.

In addition to oats and spelt, the young farmer also cultivates rye, clover grass and intermediate crops.