Matthias Posch

Barnhouse Partner-Landwirt Matthias Posch

Matthias and Christine Posch took over their farm from Christine’s parents in 1992 and ran it conventionally for ten years. During this time they came into contact with homeopathy and effective microorganisms, which completely changed their world view. Shortly thereafter, the two decided to convert their farm.

„In 2002 we moved our farm to the green meadow, built a new running stable according to organic guidelines and in 2004 we started the conversion to organic. Since 2006 we are a recognised organic farm“, the Demeter farmer explains.

„The field is home to winter barley, winter wheat, rye, spelt, brewing barley, barnhouse oats, summer barley, pea quantity, grain maize and buckwheat. We’re experimenting with edible mustard and winter rapeseed. All fruits are cultivated without ploughing with under-sowing and partly with Leindotter. Care is taken to keep the field always green in order to build up humus“, explains Matthias.

In addition to farming, the family with four children also runs animal husbandry. In addition to 20 nurse cows, they own 150 heifers for fattening Chiemgau natural meat.

They run the farm as a full-time business and have trainees as well as interns on their farm from time to time. In addition, Waldorf students come every year for their agricultural internship on the farm, where Matthias and his family also offer spiritual lectures and seminars as well as healing methods. You can find more information on the homepage of the farm.