Martin Brunnhuber

Barnhouse Partner-Landwirt Martin Brunnhuber mit Familie

„The Brunnhuberhof is a lively place. Whether humans, animals or plants – it should be colourful at our farm. We see attention to detail as an invaluable asset and want to help protect nature, preserve diversity and preserve architectural art of days gone by.“

This is the philosophy of Barnhouse partner farmers Martin and Elisabeth. Anyone who has ever been a guest at the Brunnhuberhof in Pürten, a small village in the middle of the river landscape of the Inn Valley, will notice that they also live it.

The farm is located in the centre of the small village and is a meeting place for villagers and guests. Long before Naturland farmer Martin Brunnhuber took over the farm from his parents, the inner courtyard of his property served as a village square. The farmer and his family want to continue this tradition..

„The farm always provided jobs, food and a social point for village life. The history of the farm is very important to us and so we see it as our task to continue the history in responsibility and with appreciation for the past.“, the family writes on their homepage.

However, Martin Brunnhuber does not only want to preserve tradition. He also adapts to today’s times and focuses – despite the initial headwinds – on ecology and sustainability.

The entire farm is managed organically. „On our fields along the Inn, old and robust varieties of grain grow, which are marketed regionally or fed to our animals here. Our cows and sheep, the chickens, ducks and rabbits enjoy the space on our farm and love to be petted by our guests.“

Martin also grows grain for Barnhouse. For our delicious Krunchy, the friendly farmer supplies us with organic oats, which he cultivates on two of his fields.

While we are working to increase biodiversity with the Field Wild Herbs project, Martin also launched the “Biodiversity in Meadows” project in October 2018. That the next generation can see how important nature is for us, he regularly offers nature afternoons for children.

If you want to see the agricultural estate for yourself, you can rent one of the holiday apartments on the Brunnhuberhof. As guests of the Brunnhuber family, you will find the perfect opportunity to switch off and recharge your batteries.