Marianne & Georg Stöckl


„Living soil grows robust fruit trees and ripens valuable fruit for health-conscious people“

„Since the creation of the first fruit orchard in 1996, the part-time farm managed by me and my wife Marianne has increasingly specialized in the production, processing and selling of fruit products, supplemented by 120 laying hens and 150-200 geese and activities as an adventure farm.“, Georg explains.

The fruit with more than 1.200 trunks can be found on 15 ha of the farm. In addition, they cultivate a 5 hectare field with only one crop per year and a five-year crop rotation. This is also the reason why Georg only delivers oats and spelt to us in two out of five years. He gets help with the harvest from students who work for him as harvest assistants.

Conversion to organic farming

They converted their farm to organic in 2000. They find this exciting to this day: „It is exciting and at the same time relaxing to cultivate one’s land organically in the middle of an intensive agricultural environment. My motivation is to prove that the intelligent management of orchards is not only beneficial for the landscape, for biodiversity and for soil, water and climate protection, but can also be economically worthwile. With the cultivation of old apple varieties with transparent, honest working methods at all times and the processing of the allergy-tolerant apples and the naturally cloudy, full-fruit juices, we occupy a market niche and create a high-quality food offer.“

40 years a farming teacher

Georg Stöckl worked for 40 years as an agricultural teacher and consultant at the Free State of Bavaria, the last nine yars at the AELF in Oberpfalz. His son Lorenz joined the newly founded Familien-GbR in 2020 as a part-wage farmer. His main occupation is as a gardener and specialist in swimming pond construction.

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