Josef Heindl


“Always look forward!”

Irmgard and Josef Heindl run the Moar farm in Oed together with Josef’s father Rupert. The farm, which was converted to organic farming in 1994, has 22 hectares of arable land and 33 hectares of grassland and belongs to the Naturland association since the conversion.

For Barnhouse, Josef grows oats and spelt, tries out a lot of intercrop and clover mixtures and demonstrates these trials to the public once a year at a field day. The farmer, who works part-time as head of the organic farming division at RWG, puts a lot of passion into his work.

„I like being an organic farmer, because I am convinced that I can make the world a little better“, explains Josef.

He proudly contributes to Barnhouse’s ability to produce high-quality products at a fair price.

By the way, Josef does not only grow oats and spelt for us, but he has also about 50 dairy cows whose milk goes to Berchtesgadener Land. Barnhouse also has something in commen with Berchtesgadener Land… in the Knusper yoghurts you will find our Krunchy. 🙂