Josef Beutlrock


„It is important to be responsible and to show solidarity“

Josef Beutlrock and his family run the Vordermayr farm in Kienberg, which has been in the family since at least 1600. The farm was often passed down the female line, which is why the family name has changed five times. Josef himself is a career changer as a farmer. „I studied communications engineering and worked for the Telekom“, explains the farmer.

Today he takes care of the approx. 25 ha farm, which mainly cultivates organic cereals and clover grass. Livestock farming has been abandoned a long time ago and since 1991 the farm is part of Bioland. Josef is fully convinced of organic farming:

„I attach central importance to the build-up of humus and the avoidance of soil compaction. Biennial clover grass and catch crops are cultivated for this purpose. The cereal straw remains in the field. To reduce ground pressure, my mechanization (tractors and implements) is deliberately kept economical.“

Above all, this responsible work and the associated production of high-quality food in the greatest possible harmony with nature and resources is made possible by organic farming. For Josef Beutlrock, this also includes active contact with other organic farmers from the region, as well as with a partner such as Barnhouse.

„I don’t want my grain to end up in a big anonymous “pot”. Responsible production and selling on an equal footing with a partner like Barnhouse makes the journey from seed in my field to the consumer’s table transparent and short. If this is achieved, it fills me with pride!“.