Johannes Hohenester


The 130 hectare Buchenthal farm has been in the posession of Johannes Hohenester’s family since 1568. In addition to oats, grain millet is also grown there, and they also have 1200 places for fattening pigs.

Johannes gets help with his work from his family and an employee. Depending on the year, they also have an apprentice on their farm. Since the conversion to organic farming in 1991, attention has been paid to consistent intercropping before summer harvest.

In doing so, the Naturland farmer has to face the challenge of annual fluctuations and climatic stresses again and again, but that is exactly what he likes about organic farming. The Barnhouse Partnership is also close to Johannes heart. “The community still gives hope, that the classic family farm has a future and not only degression effects lead to the selection of super farms”, he explains.