Helga Deliano-Weichenrieder

Barnhouse Partner-Landwirtin Helga Deliano-Weichenrieder

„I sow with hope and harvest with thanks“

The Funk-Hof was bought in 1910 by Helga Delianos great-grandfather Johann Schuhbauer and is still owned by the family. Helga decided to switch to organic in 2014 and has since become a member of the growing association Naturland.

For the conversion she attended some courses in order to be able to acquire all the knowledge in order to reconcile herself, nature and the animals. Today Helga is one of our suppliers and supplies us with oats and spelt every year.

On the 30 ha farm, which she runs as a full-time occupation, she grows peas, wheat and clovercrass in addition to the grain for Barnhouse. You can also find potatoes, but these and the vegetables from the garden are only intended for her family.

„My flower strips and raines give me a special pleasure. this variety of colours is breathtaking and fascinating. The animals like, hares, pheasants, red kite, green woodpecker, spottet woodpecker, swallows and so on, show me that the world is all right here.“, explains Helga.

„As a “close-to-nature-farmer”, as i prefer to call myself, i try to keep my fields more colourful, because of cornflowers, poppy, chamomile and thistle. These herbs provide habitat for many animals.“

In her private life, Helga keeps several chickens, four cats, two horses and recently also two geese, which she was able to save from the oven.

In addition to farming, our partner farmer has built up  a second mainstay by renting out. She is also supported in all her work by her life partner Claas Brunkhorst, who supports her in word and deed and stands fully behind her and the farm.