Hans Glück & Jutta Staudt-Franzen

Barnhouse Partner-Landwirt Hans Glück

„The road comes while walking“

Breeding cows, pigs, chickens – all this can be found on the 19 hectare farm of Hans Glück. Together with his wife Jutta, the organic farmer runs a family business on which in addition to the Barnhouse grain, potatoes and field vegetables are grown. His products can then be bought directyl in his own farm shop.

He certainly gets support here from his two children and the five grandchildren, for whom life on their grandfather’s farm must be a great fun.

The farm has been owned by the Glück family since 1910, and in 1981 it was converted to organic. „I am an organic farmer, because for me it is one of the most fulfilling professions there is “, explains Hans.

„I want to show it works this way.“, he adds.

Hans is also fortunate to report on the partnership with us: „It is a partnership on an equal footing – I like that.“