Georg Planthaler


Georg Planthaler and his wife Martina have been running the Gremahof on a full-time basis since 2014. Seven years earlier the farm had already been converted to organic farming. Since then they have been farming according to Naturland standarts.

In addition to forage crops from grassland, clover grass and maize, they also grow wheat, malting barley and spelt. The family has been working for years with effective microorganisms according to the Rosenheim project. They also try to maintain and improve soil fertility through a lot of intercrop cultivation.

Georg und Martina manage their organic farm in the beautiful Chiemgau with farming and 55 dairy cows

In addition to farming, georg and his wife run a dairy farm with about 55 cows and the offspring.

Organic farmer by conviction

„I like beeing an organic farmer. And it makes me all the happier that processing companies like Barnhouse try to meet the challenges of organic farming. I hope that the consumer will acceptour offers and also consciously choose quality from the region.“