Georg Ostermaier


„I want to make the world more sustainable by using modern technology“

Georg Ostermaier is an electrical engineer and a PhD in business administration. His main job is to develope software and mathematical models for the energy industry, especially for water power generators together with his own IT company decision trees in Munich.

But how does someone like Georg get into farming in the first place?

„I grew up with farming. I love working in the field and I love seeing everything grow. My father has operated conventionally, but has always used very little artificial fertiliser or spraying agents. So I’ve already grown up with the fact that chemistry isn’t really good in the fields. Then I am a fundamentally very ambitious person and I really wanted to have good yields on the fields without chemistry. At the beginning I only partially suceeded in this, now after many years of apprenticeship, much better. I am very proud and happy about my organic fields.“, explains the Biokreis farmer.

When Georg took over the farm, which had already been in use since the end of the 19th century, he was able to build a new farm. It was first managed as a dairy farm and then, in 2005, took over and immediately converted to organic farming. There he cultivates oats and spelt as well as wheat, rye, triticale, field beans and soybeans. In 2020 he also tried sunflowers and a mixture of mustard and peas for the first time. By the way, the mustard goes to “our neighbours” Byodo.

Georg is supported by Marianne, who works full-time on the farm and also looks after the fields. At peak workloads, they get one or two extra helpers.

He works with modern technic

Georg Ostermaier puts a lot of emphasis on plough, but also on technology. For example, he is one of the first in the region to use a camera guide for his devices and also photovoltaic systems can be found enough with him. He wants to make the world more sustainable by using state-of-the-art technology.

„In my main job, I do energy optimization. My company, my employees and I are contributing to the sucess of the energy transition. Our overall livelihoods can only be maintained if we focus much more on sustainability in such essential areas as agriculture and the energy industry. This is my main motivation for everything I do professionally, not just in agriculture. However, this goal can only be achieved with the use of state-of-the-art technology. This ranges from the use of highly efficient optimization algorithms to artificial intelligence for the operation of pump storage systems to the use of camera controls for soya hackers. I want to make the world more sustainable by using modern technology“, he explains.

More people to understand bio-agriculture

Another goal of Georg is for more people to understand organic farming. „I remember my early years, when I was very much smiled at by the neighbors and nobody trusted me that I would be doing organic farming for a long time.“

In order to achieve his goal even better, he has also become a Barnhouse partner: „I really like the marketing and the external presentation of Barnhouse, which also includes organic farmers. I’m also happy about the field signs. It’s great that people passing by now know who we grow the oats for. This helps to make even more people understand and support organic farming.“