Georg Eisner


„Together we are strong“

Eisner’s organic goat farm has been around for ten years. The family business is run by Georg and Maria Eisner, but their children Alexander, Florian and Katharina are already helping to manage the 30-hectare farm What’s special about the farm?

„Everything comes from us. This means: from grass and grain to goat’s milk to cheese“, explains Bioland farmer Georg.

The agricultural farmer has completed a seven-year apprenticeship and grows wheat, barley, triticale, oats and clover grass on his farm.


„Producing and selling good, healthy and regional food inspires us“, Georg and Maria explain.

They are also happy about the partnership with us: „We are happy to be Barnhouse partners, because our oats are processed and sold regionally to delicous cereals without long transport routes. There you can have a good conscience.“

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