Franz Brandl


„Good things take time“

The farm of partner-farmer Franz Brandl was originally a forge and a farm, which is why he also has the two names “Brandlhof” and “Beim Wallnerschmied”. In 1907 the conversion to a conventional farm followed, and in 1982 it was decided to switch to organic farming. Two years later, the farm and its owners became members of Naturland and Tagwerk.

Franz Brandl manages the farm, which he took over from his parents in 2019, and is working as a agricultural machinery mechanic in the morning. His parents continue to supoort him actively and so the farm can be run as a family business.

„Receiving the Creation“

It is important for the Naturland-farmer to produce healthy food while increasing soil fertility. Responsible handling of humans, animals and nature is also at the top of his list. In doing so, he tries to intervene as little as possible and as much as necessary in nature and to maintain a circular economy. For this purpose he has also developed his own cultivation system from a variety of knowledge and experience.

In addition to various cereals such as wheat, oats, rye and spelt, he also grows clover grass and triticales. He uses the latter for feeding his special Aubrac cattle. This is a 150-year old robust cattle breed, which originated from the crossing of Braunvieh and Maraichine-cattle.

The meat, cereals and honey produced on the holding are then delivered to the final consumer on weekly markets. But Franz Brandl also supplies restaurants and a bakery.

This is what Franz Brandl likes about the Barnhouse partnership

„Regional marketing is very important to me and the preservation of small-scale farming structure. The supply association is committed to the networking of farmers, thus creating a family community at Barnhouse. For me, Barnhouse stands for sustainability“.