Christine & Hugo Angermaier


„Always follow your heart“!

Christine and Hugo Angermaier jointly run the 55 ha farm “Beim Eisenreich” as a full-time business. The farm has been in family property since 1645, in 2015 they converted it to organic and in addition to oats they also grow wheat, spelt, corn, rye and soybeans. The Bioland farmers use the latter for their new operation, the tofu production.

For both of them, working with nature rather then against it plays an important role. „It’s a good feeling for us to stop spreading herbicides and pesticides over soil, animals and plants.“, they explain.

Thats the goal of the organic farmers

Christine and Hugo prefer to use conservation tillage to build up the humus, with a lot of intermediate crops and as little ploughing as possible.

„We think that biological work will be the future. Especially with regard to the protection of our environment and resources. We want to try to produce “grandchild-suitable“, say the Bioland farmers.

And they are also very happy to support the regional project with Barnhouse.  „We think that the Barnhouse regional project is good and sustainable. Both sides benefit from this. Secure production volumes for Barnhouse and marketing security for us farmers. Furthermore, the regional oat production will be boosted by this project, which is very good, because oats are a wonderful plant, a real “health-giving fruit for the soil“.