Christine & Georg Steckermeier


“Biohof Steckermeier” was managed by Christine’s parents as a dairy farm until 2007. In that year, with the exeption of a few fattening animals, animal farming was abandoned, and the fields were leased to neighbouring organic farmers. Two years later, Christine took over the farm.

“From this point on, we started to think about how we could manage the farm again”, explains Georg Steckermeier.

“From 2011 to 2012 we converted the old cow shed into an organic chicken coop. We also managed some of the fields ourselves.”

At the moment, 2000 chickens are cackling on their farm, which are mainly cared for by Christine. The eggs are delivered to “Die Biohenne-AG”. A part of them they also sell directly at their farm.

The family currently cultivates 25 hectares of fields, meadows and forests. “In organic farming, I have to think a lot about crop rotation to ensure that the yield and the addition regulation are successful. You quickly notice that if something doesn’t fit with the soil, then you can’t compensate with chemical agents and fertilizer in the short term. The biological management of the fields is much more interesting and a greater challange at the same time”, explains the “Biokreis”-Farmer.

This is what drives the Steckermeier family

What remains at the end of the year is not as important to the two as what is going on in the background. The preservation of small-scale agriculture and the habitat for humans and animals over several generations and all this from a nature-friendly, biological point of view drives the family.

But Christine and Georg are not just converned with food production when managing their farm. “Because my wife is on the farm, she can also take care of her in-laws and uncle, whou would otherwise have to be housed in a nursing home”, Georg explains.

Through his work as a sales representative in the after-sales business for forklifts, Georg has also found his way to Barnhouse. Especially because our products are produced, processed regionally and offered for sale in organic markets, the family is happy to deliver to us. “Due to the short distances, we farmers have a connection to the product up to the shop counter. For us, Barnhouse mueslis are almost daily on the menu, because they are simply delicious.”