Bernhard Heindl


„You can only be effective in life, if you let life affect you“


Bernhard Heindl and Rebecca Krens run their farm, the Heindl farm, already in the second generation. The farm with 29 hectares of agricultural land and 3 hectares of forest is a pure family business and is run by the two of them.

Bernhard works full-time as a teacher and advisor in the agricultural administration, his partner Rebecca works at a secondary school as a biology and chemistry teacher. Nature is therefore always the main focus of the two, which is why the farm was converted to organic farming in 1992.

„Organic farming for us means being part of nature and working in harmony with it. Sometimes one’s own composure is put to the test by nature. On the other hand, the food obtained is appreciated all the more“, explains the Demeter-Farmer.

What is so fascinating about organic farming?

„In biodynamic agriculture, the farm is regarded as a farm organism, which means that everything is interrelated. The circuits of the company have to be dealt with intensively. For example, it is important to know the soil and its farm animals. Demeter is the only organic farming association with compulsory animal husbandry. Our cattle are of central importance for the natural nutrient supply of our fields. It is not allowed to use mineral fertilizers, therefore in addition to manure a green fertilization must be planned in the crop rotation”.

Crop rotation is another important instrument of organic farming. This means that every year a different fruit is grown on an area of arable land in order to avoid pest pressure and maintain soil fertility.

If you look at all these points, it quickly becomes clear that there is not a year like this before. But Bernhard and Rebecca constantly face up to the challenges and learn something new from year to year.

As a result, they have recently started to work on a new project, the cultivation of truffels.

Until then, however, Bernhard continues to grow oats and spelt for Barnhouse. Just as we appreciate working with our regional partner farmers, they also appreciate working with us.

“I think it’s very nice to be part of the Barnhouse team. A good and long-term relationship with my customers is very important to me and I particularly like that Barnhouse promotes and appreciates the regional cultivation. In addition, Barnhouse is very interested in a regular exchange with farmers in order to bring consumers closer to the work behind the product“.