Anton Eibl


„Everything is better if you take it easy“

The Heimer Hof in Fraunberg is in family properity since about 1900. It was then that Anton’s great-grandfather Anton Forster, who aquired the farm. In 1966 Anton’s father took over the farm and built up a dairy farm, followed by the construction of stables and garages to the three-sided farm. In 2002 Anton took over the farm and converted it completely to organic farming by 2004. One year later, photovoltaic systems were installed.

The farm with 16.2 ha of agricultural land is managed by Anton and his wife . While Anton’s wife works part-time in the support centre of the Algasing handicapped facility, the Bioland and Tagwerk farmer works in the Weilheim Agricultural Office in the agricultural inspection service. He also works as an organist and choir director in the parish association of Bockhorn.

The farm is a full family business. While the farm used to be a dairy farm, today there are only chickens and three bee colonies on the farm. In addition to oats and spelt, the Eibls also grow flax yolks and red clover for seed propagation. Grassland is cultivated twice a year and is part of contract nature conservation programmes.

That’s why Anton Eibl likes to be an organic farmer:

„The desire to preserve creation in the best possible way, to produce food in a healthy way, to market it regionally, to see how it grows and flourishes compared to conventional farms. My father was initially a big opponent of the conversion to organic farming, but since he has seen that even now something is growing, even bigger than before, he now even promotes organic farming.“