Andrea & Markus Schweiger


„Live and let live“

The Huberhof Rupertsdorf is in the family properety of the Schweigers since ca. 1930. In 1980 the farm was converted from a pure dairy farm in to a bull fattening farm. This was abandoned with the handover to Andrea and Markus Schweiger in 2010. Since then, the 31-hectare farm has been managed only as a bay-product.

While Markus Schweiger is still working as an electrical master at the Hamburger Rieger paper mill in Trostberg, his wife Andrea is working as a legal expert at the Traunstein Public Prosecutors Office.

Why the change to organic farming?

The change to organic farming followed in 2017. Since 2020, organic farmers have been allowed to sell their products as organic care products and are working with a number of regional companies. In addition to oats for Barnhouse, they also grow mustard for Byodo, brewing barley for the Stein brewery, beans and fodder peas for a laying hen farm and A-wheat for the Bioland company. For 2021, they still plan to grow baked wheat and spelt for a local bakery.

“We want to make our contribution to society in terms of healthy food, clean drinking water and corbon sequestration in the soil. We want to give our land to our children in a humus-rich, healthy, vital and fertile condition”, they explain the reasons for the conversion of their farmings to organic farming.

“As an organic farmer, you have to work 100% with nature and understand the connection betwenn soil life and plant growth. This makes the work exciting.”

What about the implementation?

„We work at our fields without a plough. With the milling machine and cultivator we only carry out shallow tillage in order not to disturb the soil organisms in the enviroment and to preserve the soil structure“, explains Markus.

By using a variety of intermediate crops, the Schweiger family wants to cover the areas permanently with green plants in order to increase the diversity of species in the field. This is the only way to promote soil organisms and humus build-up and to keep CO2 in the soil 365 days a year.

„With the help of special soil studies, we try to balance all the nutrients in the soil in order to achieve maximum fertility.“