Seasonal Package Summer 2023

Organic crunchy muesli in different varieties

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Krunchy Chocolate Nut:

Whole oat flakes* 55%, beet sugar*, sunflower oil*, hazelnuts* 7.3%, rice extrudate* (rice flour*, barley malt flour*, sea salt), dark chocolate* 5.8% (cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), rice syrup*, cocoa powder* 3.2%, coconut flakes*

Krunchy Spelt alternatively sweetened:

Whole spelt flakes (wheat type)* 61%, rice syrup*, sunflower oil*, spelt (wheat type) puffed*, coconut flakes*, sea salt

Barnhouse Flakes Oats:

Roasted whole oat flakes from organic farming

Krunchy Plus Immune:

Whole oat flakes* 58%, rice syrup*, agave syrup*, sunflower oil*, wheat bran*, rice extrudate* (rice flour*, barley malt flour*, sea salt), puffed quinoa*, freeze-dried blackcurrant* 1.6%, acerola powder* 1.1% (acerola*, maltodextrin from cassava*), berry powder freeze-dried* 0.7% (red currant*, raspberry*, blueberry*, strawberry*), beet powder* 0.65%, lemon oil*, sea salt

Krunchy Strawberry:

Whole oat flakes* 64%, sunflower oil*, beet sugar*, rice syrup*, rice extrudate* (rice flour*, barley malt flour*, sea salt), freeze-dried strawberries* 3%, sea salt

*from organic farming

Nutritional values/100g

Krunchy Chocolate Nut:

Energy: 1985 kJ (474 kcal)

Fat: 20 g

of which saturated fat: 3.7 g

Carbohydrates: 60 g

of which sugar: 19 g

Fiber: 7.9 g

Protein: 9.5 g

Salt: 0.02 g

Krunchy Spelt alternatively sweetened:

Energy: 1888 kJ (449 kcal)

Fat: 15 g

of which saturated fat: 3.0 g

Carbohydrates: 66 g

of which sugar: 14 g

fiber: 6.0 g

protein: 9.6 g

salt: 0.17 g

Barnhouse Flakes Oats:

Energy: 1640 kJ (393 kcal)

Fat: 6.4 g

of which saturated fat: 1.1 g

Carbohydrates: 63 g

of which sugar: 1.5 g

fiber: 8.1 g

Protein: 16 g

Salt: <0.01 g

Krunchy Plus Immune:

Energy: 1858 kJ (442 kcal)

Fat: 14 g

of which saturated fat: 1.5 g

Carbohydrates: 66 g

of which sugar: 18 g

Fiber: 8.8 g

Protein: 8.7 g

Salt: 0.21 g

Vitamin C: 172 mg (215%¹)

Vitamin E: 7.0 mg (58%¹)

Phosphorus: 293 mg (41%¹)

Zinc: 1.9 mg (19%¹)

Iron: 2.2 mg (16%¹)

Krunchy Strawberry:

Energy: 1922 kJ (458 kcal)

Fat: 17 g

of which saturated fat: 1.7 g

Carbohydrates: 64 g

of which sugar: 17 g

Fiber: 6.9 g

Protein: 8.8 g

Salt: 0.20 g

¹ % of reference amount.

Allergy Advice

Contains gluten and hazelnuts. May contain traces of nuts, milk and sesame

Our Seasonal Package gives you the opportunity to try different Krunchys at an unbeatable price .

For only €16.29 we will send you five delicious organic krunchy mueslis and breakfast cereals to your home. Kathi has provided an ideal combination for the seasonal package summer. Look forward to:

Krunchy Plus Immune - 325g
Krunchy Strawberry - 375g
Krunchy Spelt alternatively sweetened - 375g
Barnhouse Flakes Oats - 275g
Krunchy Chocolate Nut - 375g

Every three months, Kathi puts together a new season package for you. So we ensure even more variety on your breakfast table!

Organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-007
Seasonal Package Summer 2023
Seasonal Package Summer 2023

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