Barnhouse Wild Bee Project

Even though organic farming is already very insect-friendly due to the absence of pesticides, much more can be done here.

Together with our partner farmers, we optimise the cultivation methods so that the colonisation and reproduction of insects is promoted. In particular, pollinators such as wild bees, which are immensely important for biodiversity, are close to our hearts. The Barnhouse field as a living bee pasture in which it hums and hums!

With our wild bee project BARNHOUSE BEE WILD we want to draw attention to the importance of these beneficial insects and equip e. g. our farmers as well as committed consumers with nesting boxes.

As part of the regional project, we are working with our partner farmers to promote particularly bee-friendly field management. In the regional Barnhouse fields, not only valuable organic oats are to be grown, but also a flowering plant (such as gold of pleasure) is to be planted underneath – the Barnhouse field as a bee pasture.

Our farmers, the wild bee hoteliers

For this reason, we have launched a wild bee project and are equipping our regional partner farmers who grow organic oats and spelt for us with “Barnhouse Wild Bee Hotels”.

Since 2017 we have been equipping our farmers and other project partners with nesting boxes every year. The nesting boxes are all equipped with cocoons, from which soon horned wall bees and rust-red wall bees will hatch. These will then not only provide valuable services to the plant world, but will also diligently provide for offspring – experience has shown that an average tripling of the population can be expected in the next season.

For this project we are working together with the beekeeper Christian and his wife Christine from BEE WILD. The nesting boxes are manufactured in a workshop for the disabled here in the region.