Macht die Äcker wieder wild: das Barnhouse Ackerwildkräuter-Projekt

News from the Barnhouse wild-herb project

With our project to reintroduce wild herbs in 2018, we took a further step in promoting biodiversity and provided our regional partner farmers with a special seed mix for this purpose.

The aim: Replant important species of wild herbs under the motto “Make the fields wild again”. Not only should the good organic grain for Barnhouse grow on the fields, they must also provide a habitat for a colorful flora and fauna. And so every bowl of Krunchy also provides more biodiversity.

June 2019: Together with Rosa Kugler, a graduate forestry scientist who accompanies our wild herb project, we want to have a look at the first successes of the project.

First stop: The farm of our partner farmers Hilarius and Claudia. Summer heat lies over the field and lets it smell wonderfully. What we see awakens great enthusiasm in us. White, blue, yellow, red and violet, it shines colorfully and richly shaped between the ears of grain. The flowering wild herbs make the field a real feast for the eyes. But not only have we had our bright joy in the splendour: It hums and hums on the field. Cornflower and gossip poppy are glowing. What used to be a normal sight has now become rare.

BIOLAND-farmer Hilarius and his wife Claudia enjoy this colorful success as much as we do. Hilarius shows us how oats and spelt grow splendidly for our Krunchy and what else can live here.