Now: All Krunchys palm oil-free

Krunchy palmölfrei

The trend is clear: no palm oil.

This is what our customers also wanted. While half of the Krunchys were already palm oil-free, Barnhouse now produces all varieties with sunflower oil from Europe instead of the controversially discussed palm oil. Because in 2019, after a season with many innovations, our product developers Vesna and Fabian were really in the flow. “Now we take the proven Krunchys and improve the recipes even further”, the two of them thought, and they started.

Project 1: All Krunchys palm oil free!

So far we still have approx. 50% of our varieties baked with palm oil. We wanted to change that! With great sensitivity (and countless hours in our experimental bakery), Vesna has replaced palm oil in its recipes with European sunflower oil. “Of course, there was no question of compromising quality”.

Result: Made it – since October we bake all Krunchys without palm oil!

Project 2: Making good things even better!

Only the best Krunchy for our customers! Fabian was therefore faced with the task of fine-tuning the recipes. Where can we improve taste and quality? Where to gently lower the sugar content? Fabian is rightly a little proud of the result: “Of course we proceeded very cautiously. With our bestsellers, customers can now enjoy less sweetness and more refined taste!”

Best example of this: Our Krunchy Choco. The popular classic now tastes even more chocolatey and has only 18g sugar/ 100g left. It was 22g before.

Result: Made it – best Krunchy quality with contemporary recipes!

Here we were allowed to determine again: As a true organic producer, we are all very, very close to the product – we are Krunchy!
What we think up in the morning is implemented in the afternoon in the test oven and tried out the next day by our bakers in production. Baking line, raw material warehouse, product development, test kitchen – everything is under one roof.

And we are convinced that this is the only way to achieve the best quality!