*NEW* Krunchy Oat to the Max and Barnhouse Flakes

Startseite Aktionsseite Neuprodukte März 21

Our product developer Fabian has been working on a unique Krunchy and we are very happy to finally introduce it to you: A Krunchy with full oat power!

Krunchy Oat to the Max

Barnhouse combines regional whole rolled oats from the Barnhouse farmers with crunchy oat flakes, valuable oat bran, fluffy puffed oats and the very subtle sweetening with oat syrup in the Krunchy oven to create a delicious organic crunchy muesli.

Barnhouse Flakes

Those who cant get enough of oats will also be happy about our second novelty: the Barnhouse Flakes Oats!

They are a exciting, crispy alternative to wholle rolled oats. The crispy roasted cereal flakes are traditionally rolled and not extruded a major difference that you taste! And in order to complete the novelty trio, we now also have the Barnhouse Flakes Spelt in our range.

According to the motto FLAKE UP YOUR BOWL make your breakfast bowls instantly more exciting. Whether its a smoothie, muesli or a simple yoghurt, our Barnhouse Flakes give it an extra dose of crispiness.